A Well-Rounded Style: Decorating With Arches
Posted By Adrianne Anderson @ Jan 29th 2024 9:00am In: Just For Fun

While arches have been used in architectural design since ancient times, they are finding a new fan base among trendsetting interior designers. The soft line of curved furniture is trending, and arches of all kinds are a perfect complement. With their unique design, arches will add character and personality to your existing decor. Whether or not you are fortunate enough to have actual architectural arches in your home, there are many ways to creatively carry out the arch theme throughout your house.

Here are some "overarching" ideas for decorating with arches:

Consider the color

Paint the underside of your arch with a surprising bright pop of color that contrasts with a more neutral color framing the arch. For another interesting take, paint the frame in a vivid color that contrasts nicely with the wall color. Wallpaper is becoming popular again and is a perfect way to show off your arch. Consider patterns or small prints for either the underside or surrounding frame of the arch.

Decorating the wood frame around an entryway arch is another way to set the ambiance for the rest of the room. A flat, streamlined trim is appropriate for more traditional homes, yet it will also work for modern and contemporary decor. Decorative moldings have a more antique vibe to them. White or neutrals are dependable go-to paint colors for moldings, and wood-stained moldings are still a popular option for traditional homes.

Work with tile

To add texture, color and shine to any room, consider tiling your arch. Under-arch tiles will bring a subtle touch of color to the room. Framing out the archway with smaller tiles is best, as they mold to the shape of the arch. Bright-colored and patterned tiles recall the gracious Spanish hacienda style, while natural travertine tiles bring sunny Tuscany to mind.

If you don't have an actual arch in your home, you can still get in on the fun by introducing the shape throughout your home.

Place large, arched mirrors in your living room, above your fireplace and entryway. This will create instant, dramatic focal points in the room. Hanging an arched mirror above a console table in an entryway imparts chic elegance to guests entering the home.
Add built-in arch-shaped shelves to an existing wall to soften the hard lines of any room. The shelves could show off display-worthy pieces from a collection of vases, books, artwork or photos.
Create a sense of separation from other rooms with freestanding, arch-shaped room dividers or screens combining glass, metal or wood.
Add an arch-shaped wood or upholstered headboard to your bed to add depth and warmth to your personal cozy space.
Decorating with arches softens the lines of any room, leading us from one room to another in a charming and unexpected way. Contact us for a new angle on decorating with arches.

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