Adding Color Without Paint or Wallpaper
Posted By Rosette Garcia @ Jul 13th 2023 2:00pm In: Just For Fun

Accent Furniture and Upholstery: Introduce colorful furniture pieces, such as chairs, sofas, or ottomans, in vibrant hues or patterns. Additionally, consider using colorful throw pillows, blankets, or curtains to bring a pop of color to the room.

Area Rugs and Carpets: A colorful area rug or carpet that complements the existing decor and furniture will instantly brighten any space. Look for floor coverings with bright accents of color, texture and pattern. Rugs can add a sense of warmth and comfort to any room.

Artwork and Wall Decor: Hang interesting  paintings, prints, or photographs on the  walls to bring  color into the room. Alternatively, you can display vibrant tapestries, woven wall hangings, or decorative mirrors with unique  frames to achieve colorful displays.

Decorative Accessories: Strategically place  decorative accessories around the room. Vibrant vases, bowls, sculptures, and decorative objects are always good choices. Also, you might consider incorporating colorful ceramics, glassware, or interesting  pillows to liven up the space. Go sparingly with these accessories so that the room does not appear cluttered.

Plants and Flowers: Bringing in eco-friendly elements from the outside  indoors such as plants and flowers provides a natural pop of color to any room. Choose pots or planters made from natural materials such as clay, stone or wood fiber or seagrass to create the desired effect.

Lighting Fixtures: Opt for  uniquely designed statement lighting fixtures.  Pendant lights, table lamps, or floor lamps are always a good choice. These can serve as functional pieces while adding a touch of color,  personality and warmth to the room.

Window Treatments: Windows can provide a large canvas for bringing added color to a room. Here, the choices are many including drapery, curtains, shutters blinds or shades. You can go with bold or more basic colors to dress up your windows. Layering in window treatments using  complementary colors is another way to complete the look.

Decorative Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper: Anyone who has ever had the experience of removing wallpaper might be hesitant to hang it again. The good news is that about ten years ago peel-and-stick wallpaper was created. Like traditional wallpaper, peel and stick comes in rolls. The difference is there is a no paste adhesive backing. It is ready to peel and apply to the wall. This is a great fix for  adding color to rooms like a nursery or child’s bedroom. Installation is a little trickier than traditional wallpaper because the adhesive back is not as forgiving as the original kind. You need to be very sure when you place it.

Remember, when bringing color into a room, it's important to consider the existing color scheme. The idea is to complement the overall aesthetic and not to overpower it. Ready to color your world? Contact us for more colorful ideas. 

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