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This year, Adrianne and I were blessed by your support as we help people buy and sell real estate. We used this blessing to help not one but two families who needed help this Christmas via the Billy’s Boys Foundation. Let me tell you about how it all started.

When I was growing up, I was fortunate enough to cross paths with a man named Billy Dillard. Billy became a mentor and a huge influence on my life. I was one of hundreds of “Billy’s Boys” who over the years, gathered at his house every week, shared a devotion and then talked about what we were glad about, sad about and sorry about. On any given day, there might be 30 guys or there might be 2. But Billy had his door open with a frozen pizza and a generic soda waiting for you. It probably doesn’t sound like much but it was transformative for me as a teenager to have someone who wasn’t a family member show me genuine love and concern for what was going on my life. Billy was there for me during some of the most challenging and formative times of my life. 

Every December, Billy helped us coordinate a BBQ and we sold BBQ plates. We used the money to shop for families in the area that needed help. There were donations to help us cover the costs. Then, we had an opportunity to participate in a golf tournament and raise more money. It bloomed from just a few families to ten families. Then, we were given an opportunity to support an organization called Patricks Closet in honor of our friend and fellow Billys Boy who passed away. Via Patricks Closet, students in Conway’s elementary schools can receive help with clothes and school supplies. 

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Billy was an ordinary man who did extraordinary things by loving people. His small efforts to mentor young men, help the poor and love his community grew into what is now the Billy’s Boys Foundation. Billy passed away 10 years ago and the world did not grow dimmer when he passed. Instead, the multitude of Billy’s Boys stepped up and continued his legacy. I am lucky to be one of the inheritors of a life well lived. I don’t live in Billy’s shadow but instead I get to bask in the bright light that he left behind with so many other Billys Boys who serve to help others. 

I’m honored by your support this year. I’m thankful we were able to use it to bless others. I’m grateful I get to continue Billy’s legacy Merry Christmas everyone. Jesus loves you and so do I. 


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