Choosing Your Kitchen Appliances
Posted By Adrianne Anderson @ Aug 9th 2023 10:30am In: Just For Fun

Kitchen appliances make your space function, but what happens if you need to replace them? How do you choose the best appliances for your kitchen? Here is a closer look at the major appliance purchases you might make and how to choose what you place in your kitchen.

Stove and oven

There are many options for stoves and ovens in your kitchen. Some designs split them as a wall oven or a cooktop, or you can get a combination range. If your home has natural gas, you can consider that option, though there is a push to eliminate natural gas appliances in the future. Electricity gives you the option of a standard or convection oven, like a large air fryer. You can have an electric cooktop or induction range, which remains cold to the touch and works with stainless cookware.


A refrigerator with a freezer can also come in many styles. You can choose side by side or top and bottom. Top freezers were very popular for a long time, but bottom-drawer freezers are becoming more common today. You can also choose to include an ice or water dispenser. Investing in a smart refrigerator that connects via the Internet of Things provides additional functionality.


For many families, a dishwasher is no longer a luxury. Dishwashers come in all shapes and sizes that can fit into any kitchen style. Many are energy efficient and made to use much less water than handwashing, so they're worth the investment.

A note about energy efficiency

It's essential to be mindful of energy efficiency when purchasing new appliances. Many brands and models have smart components, which can help reduce your energy load and change your kitchen use. Appliances that use water will often regulate that usage to avoid waste.

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