Create a French Country Kitchen
Posted By Rosette Garcia @ Sep 27th 2023 10:00am In: Just For Fun

French country is a traditional design style that delightfully blends continental European sensibilities with rustic country charm. A French country kitchen can be perfect for anyone seeking the effortless yet refined look of this style. Here are some ways to incorporate French country design into your kitchen:


Choose warm, earthy colors, such as cream, beige, off-white or light yellow, for your walls and cabinets. You can also add some splashes of color with accents like curtains, dishware or linens.

Natural materials

Blend natural wood, stone and clay into your kitchen design. Consider wooden beams on the ceiling or a stone backsplash. You can add natural textures with woven baskets, plants and pottery.

Vintage accessories

Look for vintage or antique kitchen accessories like cast iron pans, copper pots and enamelware. These items add character and charm to your kitchen and create a timeless feel.

Open shelves

Open shelves are a staple in French country kitchens. Use them to display your favorite dishes, glassware and cookbooks.

Soft lighting

Use soft, warm lighting to create a cozy atmosphere in your kitchen. Consider installing pendant lights or chandeliers with warm light bulbs to add a touch of elegance.

Window treatments

Add French country style to your kitchen with window treatments like toile or floral-patterned curtains. You can also add natural light by installing a window above your sink.

Natural flooring

Use natural flooring materials like stone, wood or terracotta tiles. These materials will add warmth and texture to your kitchen.

Do you dream of cooking and entertaining in a French country kitchen? Call us to see how we can help make your vision a reality.

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