Decorate with Winter Color Schemes — Year-Round!
Posted By Adrianne Anderson @ Nov 25th 2023 10:30am In: Just For Fun

Winter means different things to different people depending on where you live in the country. Some areas experience a winter wonderland from November to February as the landscape is blanketed with thick snow. In other areas, trees lose their leaves and the weather gets crisp, but even a light snow dusting is a major event. But if you love the feeling that winter gives you — even if you live in Orlando or San Diego — you can bring it inside to make your home feel festive no matter the time of year. Here are some ideas for decorating with a winter color scheme.

Cool Colors

With winter comes cold colors like blue, silver and even pure white. These are great colors to use to decorate your home and give it a wintery feel. These colors are also calming, so rooms decorated in these shades can create a sense of peace and serenity.

Pop of Warmth

Of course, too much cold can make for an uncomfortable winter. The same is true in your design scheme. You always want to include a pop of warmth to spice things up and make your home feel cozy. Common warm winter colors include shades of red, including variations like magenta and violet. You also can use rich browns to give your winter space a rustic feel.

Inspiration from Nature

Green may be one of the most underrated winter colors. When paired with red, you might think of an over-the-top holiday display, but it can be used in the right way to inject a pop of color in your winter scheme. Green is the color of evergreen trees that dot the landscape in the winter. Incorporate deep shades of green into your decor for a beautiful natural look.

Use of Texture

Although not a color, texture can enhance your winter decor. What do you associate with the cozy feel of the season? Cable knit comes to mind and can be used for pillows or throw blankets. Faux fur also lends a luxurious feel to your winter home-scape. Other textures, like birch bark and evergreen branches, can introduce a feeling of the season into your home.

If you want to reinvent your home using a winter color palette, call us to learn more.


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