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One of the biggest advantages of being a homeowner is that you can make updates! You can paint the walls whatever color you want. If you plan on staying in your home, I recommend making it yours. If you want a pink accent wall, paint it! If you want green tile in the kitchen, lay it down!

However, if you're interested in making updates that will also add value to your home, consider these DIY projects:

1.) Install crown molding. Yes, this can be a surprisingly easy DIY project to add more character to your rooms. Buy the molding from your favorite home improvement store, have the store cut it to size and attach it to the wall with a nail gun (it may be a two-person job). Some crown molding is even pre-painted to save you even more work.

2.) Replace/update fixtures. Take an inventory throughout the house of any fixture that may need to be replaced or updated, such as light switch plates, outlet covers, curtain rods, light fixtures, and doorknobs. These updates really don’t cost a lot at all, but look expensive. Take it room by room if necessary so it's an easy project to tackle without becoming overwhelming. We invited my brother and sister-in-law over for dinner and within 20 minutes, replaced every doorknob and cabinet pull in our kitchen in 30 minutes (true story).

3.) Replace your front door and doormat. A huge eye-catcher when it comes to curb appeal is your front door, so either replace your door with one that has more character or give your door a fresh coat of paint in an appealing color. And, while you’re at it, replace your old doormat with a custom mat that includes your address or your family name.

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