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As a local, I'm constantly sharing my first-hand experience with folks moving here from other areas. It is critical to be aware of local hazards like hurricanes, flooding and wildfires. The Map Your Move feature allows you to search any address to find evacuation zones, storm surge areas, stormwater easements and drainage areas, roadway closures from recent storm events, the current and proposed FEMA flood zones, and the proposed supplemental flood zone currently in review, which reflects flooding from Hurricane Florence, the highest flood of record in Horry County.

In addition to learning what hazards exist, this page also provides resources to help you mitigate those hazards and take the appropriate safety measures for yourself and your family. You can also find information about your County Council district, school district, local utility providers, and more. Keep in mind that these maps cannot possibly consider every potential scenario, but it will help you and your family make more informed decisions.


Map Your Move by clicking the following link:

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