Must-Haves for Your New Nursery
Posted By Adrianne Anderson @ May 18th 2023 7:04am In: Just For Fun

All new parents want their babies to have the best of everything. When designing and stocking the nursery, think about the things that would make your life easier as a new parent. What must-have items do you need for your baby’s new nursery? Here are some ideas to help get you started on creating the perfect safe space for your baby.


A Safe Crib and Bedding

Cribs have come a long way over the years. The cribs your parents used are no longer considered safe, and chances are the crib you slept in isn’t up to current standards either. Before making a purchase, always review the current safety requirements for cribs and bedding to keep your child safe when sleeping.


Baby Monitor

Investing in a dependable baby monitor is critical in continuing the theme of infant safety. Many of the latest monitors work almost like complete security systems. They provide both video and audio access to help monitor your baby while they are sleeping. Check out the latest baby monitors that use smart technology.


A Comfortable Chair for Feeding

You will need a comfortable place to nurse or feed your baby during the early months of parenthood. Late night feedings are likely to be part of the routine for quite some time, so you will want a comfortable place to enjoy these special moments with your baby. The traditional wooden rocking chair is an option, but with so many choices available you are sure to find something more comfortable that offers back and foot support for you.


Changing Tables

A changing table is more than just a piece of furniture. It needs to be functional for you as well as safe and comfortable for your baby. The changing table should include a padded changing area and plenty of handy storage for everything you need. You may also want to consider a locking diaper pail to keep the room smelling fresh.


Play mat

It won’t be long before your baby needs some time to explore and play. This is an important stage of your infant’s development, with their hand-eye coordination and grasping skills beginning to form. A play mat for your baby’s room offers versatility through all stages of development.


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