October Hurricane Season
Posted By Rosette Garcia @ Oct 13th 2023 10:00am In: Local Advice

Did you know that the latest a major hurricane has ever made landfall in South Carolina is Oct 15th and the latest any tropical system has hit SC is Oct 31st? That said, the only named hurricane to make direct landfall in Myrtle Beach was an unnamed category 2 storm that hit October 31, 1899. 

October storms and McClellanville seem to have an interesting relationship:

Hurricane Matthew in 2018 made landfall in McClellanville as a category 1. Our area had larger impacts from flooding after the storm than the hurricane itself. Before we named hurricanes, two other storms hit McClellanville in October: a category 3 in 1893 and  a category 1 in 1913. If you’re keeping score… only 6 named storms have hit in the month of October and 3 of them hit McClellanville!

Does this mean a hurricane is not going to happen? No. Does it mean it’s unlikely? Yes. If you have any questions or Adrianne and I can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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