Open Kitchen Shelf Design: Time For A Switch
Posted By Adrianne Anderson @ Oct 23rd 2023 4:23pm In: Just For Fun

Open shelving is as popular as ever given, its versatility and ability to adapt, to any kitchen style. Open shelving offers easy access to frequently used kitchen items. They also provide a place for displaying decorative items such as baskets, plates, and cookbooks that add a pop of personality to your kitchen.

An open-door policy

If you are only planning to include a shelf or two open shelving installation can be a simple DIY project You can choose interesting brackets or corbels made from metal, stone, or wood to finish the look. Directions and videos on how to install shelves are readily available on the web. However, for more advanced projects, you may want to consult with a contractor especially with an up-scale existing kitchen.

Blow the hinges off

For the budget conscious use existing cabinets. Take off the doors, and convert them into open shelves. You may want consider painting or papering the inside of the cabinets a color different than the frame to add a surprising touch. You can remove the upper shelves altogether and replace them with open shelves.

Another idea you may want to consider is  contrast the colors of the upper and lower shelves. Install upper shelves in a lighter color and keep the cabinets below in darker shades. By matching the shelves to the wall color, the shelves will blend in unobtrusively. Removing doors from the kitchen island can also become open storage spaces housing smaller appliances and dry goods.

Traditional open shelves are generally thought of as wood, more modern glass shelves are sleek and brighten up a wall especially if it is secured to a tile wall. Metal shelf finishes often coordinate well with other kitchen elements such as the faucet, doorknobs, pulls, and lighting fixtures. Glass is a good choice for displaying barware, especially if is near a wine rack or cooler. Create a coffee bar by hanging mugs on hooks from the shelf above a coffee maker .

Mix textures by arranging houseplants along with baskets, pottery, and artwork interspersed alongside practical kitchen items. A single shelf above a stove could conveniently hold an artfully arranged collection of spices.

Corner spaces work well for storing less attractive small appliances like toasters, blenders or small microwaves in a less visible place.

One last piece of advice: Be careful not to create cluttered shelves. You will want an open airy feel to the room.

If you are ready to blow the doors off your cabinets, contact us for more ideas on making your kitchen more accessible.

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