Posted By Adrianne Anderson @ Apr 15th 2022 9:00am In: Dave Ramsey ELP

So now that you've made your way through the first three baby steps, are debt free and have your emergency fund fully funded, it is time to start saving for your retirement!

As we work through the Baby Steps, so far you have essentially paid off your debts and saved three to six months worth of expenses, based on your situation. This is the time to focus on building your wealth. Technically, you are going to do baby steps four, five and six at the same time but in order. We are going to walk through each one, and baby step four tells you to invest 15% of your income into retirement.

Depending on your employment, your employer may offer retirement accounts such as 401ks, Roth 401ks, and IRAs, maybe even pension plans. Take advantage of these programs and make sure that you do your own research to understand what each of them do and the advantages they have. The Ramsey Plan encourages investing in mutual funds and real estate, versus things like single stocks, whole life insurance policies and CDs. There is a ton of information I can provide you to explain all of this in more detail.

The key is to start and be consistent. Don't be tempted to halt (unless you need to move back into baby steps one, two or three). Be consistent and you'll get there!

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