Redesigning Your Permanent Home Office
Posted By Rosette Garcia @ May 25th 2023 11:21am In: Just For Fun

For years, people have set up their home offices in any spare, empty corner of their homes. It might be in a basement, in a guest room or in a corner of a living room. But as remote work continues to trend upward, people will need to shift to a more permanent home office space. What can you do to redesign your home office to be a more productive and happy space?


Choose the Best Space in Your Home

If it’s possible, make sure you have a dedicated space. Ideally, it should be a place where you’re not interrupted or distracted by things going on in the home. Many families are choosing to transform unused guest rooms for this purpose. A basement room could also work.


Focus on Lighting

You may not have even thought about it, but your company’s office lighting was probably very different from that in your home. Wherever possible, make use of windows and natural light. Install a good overhead light, but also use desk or task lighting and floor lamps to ensure your eyes don’t become strained in low light.


Prioritize Comfort

Next, think about your chair and desk configuration. Don’t just use a dining table; that will cause undue stress to your back and shoulders. Instead, choose a desk with enough room to spread your work materials on and an ergonomically designed office chair.


Build in Flexibility

Humans aren’t machines. Repetitive tasks are known to be both physically and mentally taxing. Create a space where you can move to a comfortable sofa or reading chair to rest. You should also consider a standing desk to relieve long stretches of sitting.


Create Good Storage

There are many work-related items you’ll need to do your job effectively and comfortably. Make sure you have those and a place to store them so they are organized. Disorganization can be a time sink. Use cabinets, bookshelves and file drawers to stay on task.


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