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Understanding what makes someone 'tick' is important in all relationships. I apply the DISC method personally and professionally, and you should too! As a Ramsey Trusted Provider, DISC profiles are one of the many resources I am proud to be able to share with you!

DISC breaks people down into four basic behavioral profiles to help understand how they work and communicate with each other:

D - Decisive 

D's Style: Getting the job done is the most important thing. Never mind minor details or possible hurt feelings. As long as the end goal is achieved, they’re good.

Why We Like Them: They’re our problem solvers and they’ll keep the company moving.

Leading them: They are results-oriented and drivers, however they can overlook details and hurt feelings. When dealing with issues and giving feedback, be direct, clear and concise. Encourage them by celebrating as soon as possible after the accomplishment. 

I - Interactive

I's Style: They are outgoing, the life of the party, and always have a positive attitude. They’re also expressive, impulsive and persuasive, and they can lose focus easily.

Why We Like Them: They’re creative, expressive, sociable and fun to be around.

Leading them: They are expressive and persuasive, however impulsive and can lose focus on tasks. When dealing with issues and giving feedback, reinforce that you like them and chit chat before tackling the subject. Encourage them by celebrating big and with as many people as possible.

S - Stabilizing

S's Style: The ultimate team player, they’re unbelievably loyal and steady. They’re also very concerned about how everyone feels. They run from conflict and can sometimes be slow to make a decision.

Why We Like Them: They are patient, make great teachers or coaches, and are devoted to the team and the company.

Leading them: They are team players and understanding, however resist conflict and change. When dealing with issues and giving feedback, be cautious and slow, methodical with your follow up and give them lots of time for questions and to process. Encourage them by keeping it low key without attention drawn to them.

C - Cautious

C's Style: The perfect job for a C? Anything with more rules than you can shake a bureaucrat at. They love rules, as well as details and procedures.

Why We Like Them: They have some of the highest quality-control interests of any of the styles.

Leading them: They are analytical and loves details, however can be rigid and resistant to change. When dealing with issues and giving feedback, stick to the facts and give a time frame for resolution, and focus on what needs to be improved with expected results. Encourage them by acknowledging their accomplishments and including all the details.

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