The 'Wet Room' Is the Latest Thing in Bathrooms
Posted By Adrianne Anderson @ Dec 7th 2023 2:00pm In: Just For Fun

The first thing you may ask is, what is a wet room? A wet room is a bathroom in which a free-standing bathtub sits in the same area as a walk-in shower. Current shower trends show a preference for more luxurious, seamless, open lines without the traditional glass enclosure. This creates a light and airy feeling in the bathroom. The key element of this type of bathroom is that it must have proper drainage. This means that all water needs to flow toward a single drain set in a sloping floor. In other words, the space must be completely waterproof. 

What are the advantages?

  • Wet-room renovations will work for both large and small bathrooms. However, small bathrooms will benefit the most from being transformed into a wet room. A formerly cramped bathroom becomes a brighter and more open space. A larger room will feel even more luxurious and spacious.
  • Without interior walls to block light, wet rooms provide mood-boosting retreats filled with natural light.
  • Without the usual bathroom obstacles, wet rooms are accessible to all members of the household at all stages of life. This bathroom design can easily accommodate those needing walkers or wheelchairs. This is a real benefit for those seeking to age in place in their own homes.
  • The potential for mold and mildew building up in a shower stall is reduced with air circulating freely in the room. Proper ventilation is necessary to discourage condensation on ceilings and walls. A dual-purpose vent fan that circulates both air and heat is an excellent choice. The room itself is easier to clean because the entire floor can be cleaned with just a hose, a rubber-bladed mop and a mild floor cleaner.

What should you watch out for?

  • As the room requires adequate drainage and must be completely sealed and securely waterproofed, it is recommended that an experienced professional lead you through the process, from planning to installation.
  • One thing to consider is how many family members will be using the wet room. Because it is an open design, there is less privacy. For that reason, it may be difficult for others to use the sink or toilet while someone else is showering.
    Installing a nonslip floor is essential, as all surfaces, especially the floor, will become wet and slippery. You want to make sure that the floor offers enough slip resistance to prevent any falls.
  • A wet room does not come cheap, with industry experts reporting the average price tag as coming in at around $9,000. However, you should not be discouraged by the sticker shock, as you stand to recoup some of the cost when you sell your home.

The wet-room bathroom is clearly the choice for those seeking a more minimalistic, modern aesthetic. Contact us when you’re ready to come out of the glass box and experience a more light and airy shower experience.

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