Walking the Grand Strand, Part 1
Posted By Rosette Garcia @ Sep 29th 2023 2:00pm In: Local Advice

We started on the south end of Pawleys Island and parked in the largest public beach access in Georgetown County. To get to the point, we walked further south and there’s a small creek that separates Pawleys Island from Debidue Beach (easily confused with Debordieu Colony). As we reached the point, we both spied Debidue Beach and realized one day we’ll need to coordinate access to the gated communities of Prince George and Debordieu to walk even further south. 

Pawleys Island is a pristine, quiet coastline. With fewer people, there were more seashells and we even came across a few starfish. With an average sold price of $2.4 million, the oceanfront homes are gorgeous. Most homes are older homes and have passed hands through the generations with some newer more modern homes sprinkled along the coast. At the end of the island runs Pawleys Creek, which looked just deep enough for us to be glad we were only walking the 6 miles of Pawleys Island. 

The next stretch we walked is Litchfield Beach. With gates preventing us from reaching the southern tip of Litchfield, we had a significant walk of around a mile to get to where Clubhouse Creek flows in to the Atlantic Ocean. From the point, we could see Pawleys Island. Litchfield Beach and especially the Litchfield Spit (the southern tip) was a sandy plain and a beautiful habitat for coastal wildlife including lots of birds and crabs. Only 3 homes have sold in 2023 along this stretch of beach with an average price point of $2.9 million. Litchfield is mostly dominated by the huge Litchfield by the Beach complex. We finished at a small section of public parking only a block away from the beginning of Huntington State Park. 

Walking the beaches of Huntington State Park all the way to the jetties at the mouth of Murrells Inlet was a highlight for me. Due to the logistics of getting into the state park and coordinating parking, for this stretch we parked in the furthest north parking lot of Huntington. From there we walked almost two miles to the jetties, which are a man made line of rocks to keep Murrells Inlet from accumulating sand and closing. The jetties are paved on top and this walk alone was worth the entire excursion. From there we walked south to Litchfield. This beach was entirely state park and gave a glimpse of what this area would have looked like hundreds of years ago with sand dunes and coastal forest without a single home the entire stretch. 

We’re excited to pull our photos and videos together in a longer format. But in the meantime, thank you for tagging along and we can’t wait to see more the Grand Strand’s beautiful coastline! 

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