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While a home’s decorative front doors attract most of the attention, garage doors are often ignored. Available in a variety of materials, finishes and colors similar to those of front doors, garage doors are coming into their own as an important design element. Along with front doors, garage doors create a unified style statement about your home.

Garage door materials fit all budget levels, and choices include steel, fiberglass, wood or aluminum. Glass windows or inserts are custom options. Another option to consider is insulation. Opening and closing garage doors several times each day will decrease your home’s energy-efficiency. Insulation may be the solution. This is especially true for areas experiencing extreme hot or cold temperatures. Insulation is a good idea if you use the garage as a workspace or a place where you keep pets or if the garage is attached to your home.

The most common types of residential garage doors are sectional or those that slide to the side, are hinged on the sides or roll up. Here is a rundown on what each type offers.

Sectional doors are especially popular. These doors are made of panels linked together by hinges. As the door opens and closes, the panels roll over tracks on each side of the door. Usually made from steel, sectionals require little maintenance and can be customized to include window inserts.

Slide-to-the-side doors operate with panels moving to one or both sides of the door opening. Because they are not mounted on the ceiling, sliders free up much-needed overhead storage space in your garage.

Side-hinged doors open outward like a traditional door. This is a desirable choice for garages with limited headroom or if you use your garage for storage.

Roll-up doors are usually found on commercial properties because they are durable and can withstand heavy use. These doors are made of multiple narrow horizontal slats that roll up and into a drum over the door, offering more ceiling space. This type would work well for those seeking a modern aesthetic.

Garage doors that express your style

Classic traditional raised-panel doors convey a clean look for traditional homes.

Carriage house- or barn-style doors have a distinctive rustic look, usually with customizable window options. These doors work well with Victorian-style homes as well as Craftsman or Mission styles, offering the warmth of wood or faux wood with artistic detailing.

Modern flush-panel garage doors in subtle colors convey a sleek, modern look for your midcentury, contemporary or modern home. Full or partial glass garage door panels make a bold modern statement to complement your modern home design.

Go bold with color

In addition to style choice, color choice is equally important. The traditional rule of thumb is to select a color that matches the dominant color of your house. White or gray are always popular monochromatic choices that make the same-color house appear larger and the doors themselves less conspicuous. However, the trend toward vibrant colors such as bold red, midnight blue and elegant black, which will attract attention and create drama, is gaining speed. The architectural style and location of the home need to be considered in the color choice as well. For example, if you live near the mountains or woods, consider earthy tones. Play up blues and greens in your color scheme if you live near a lake or the ocean.

Smart technology

Your smartphone allows you to conveniently and remotely open and close your garage doors. No one wants to get out of the car in the pouring rain to open a garage door. Some apps will even give you the option of setting a timer for how long to keep a door open or shut or of giving you an alert to let you know a door is open. Another smart feature lets you know how many times your spring-operated doors have gone up and down, making sure your doors are operating properly.

Once considered an afterthought, garage doors are emerging as an important design element on their own. Contact us for more ideas on how your garage doors can complement your personal style.

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