10 Interior Decorating Trends We Are Leaving Behind
Posted By Rosette Garcia @ Mar 14th 2024 10:00am In: Buyer Tips

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for some of you it would be hard to part with a beloved Tiffany-style lamp that has long passed its decorative prime. Maybe it has sentimental value, and if that's the case, in your eyes Tiffany is timeless and will never go out of style. Certainly, it can be artfully blended with other decorative elements to make it look colorful and interesting.

All whites and grays

In a recent 1stDibs on-trend hues report, white received the largest decline (down 10 percentage points) over last year in terms of its popularity. Gray showed a similar favorability decline. Where white kitchens were once all the rage, reassuring colors that are found in nature such as creams, tans and browns are gaining in status. As we spend more time at home, we are looking for warmer, darker colors that stand up to wear and tear.

Animal prints

Once a staple of 1970s décor, animal prints are rapidly becoming so yesterday. Zebra print pillows and cowhide rugs look out of place in 2023, especially with animal rights-aware consumers shunning such details. Homeowners are seeking out more natural biophilic patterns and tones.

Mass-produced anything

With an emphasis on sustainability, mass-produced and disposable furniture and furnishings are giving way to things that have stood the test of time. Look for a keen interest in vintage interior design, which not only is eco-friendly but also offers one-of-a-kind pieces that personalize your space.

Bye-bye, boho

Boho eclectic style is leaving, and taking its signature macrame wall hangings, plants, woven blankets and baskets with it. Replacing boho is cottagecore, a style that takes some of the simple comfortable elements of boho and presents them in a less-cluttered way.

Hollywood glam  

With the trend moving toward simplicity and minimalism, the over-the-top lux look of Hollywood glam is no longer a rising star. While the consumer's taste for animal print area rugs, crystal chandeliers, faux fur pillows and satin sheets has cooled, things are heating up for the simple lines of minimalist décor.

Pastel colors

Soft pastel colors are making way for the drama of darker colors. People are even embracing the color black when dressing their walls and then using pops of vibrant color for contrast. Walls in general are having their moment, with more attention paid to the colors that adorn them. Along with that, wallpaper is making a comeback, with easy-to-install peel-and-stick versions available to homeowners who are finding interesting places to install wallpaper, including ceilings.

Matched sets of furniture

Any kind of matched furniture sets are trending south. While you may want matching bedside tables, you will not see matching dressers or armoires to complete the room. Big-box retailers are recognizing the trend by not offering matched furniture sets to their customers. Designers are looking toward more varied and interesting furniture pairings. Matched sofa and loveseat groupings are quickly becoming out of date. Instead, opt for a variety of pieces from different style eras to furnish a room in an unexpected, interesting way.  

'Out of the boxy' furniture

Square sofas and clunky recliners from the '90s are out. Taking their place are low-seating and curvy-shaped furniture. This includes circular accent and coffee tables. People are looking for calm, comfortable spaces in their homes, and softer curved shapes seem to fit the bill. Furniture in tranquil colors that recall the sky, the ocean and the woods help destress us after a busy day.

Open-concept floor plan living

Once all the rage, this trend is on its way out, making way for the return of divided rooms. The pandemic hastened the demise of the open floor plan, with the need for spaces offering privacy in the form of home offices and study spaces taking precedence. For those living with a less-than-desirable open floor plan, a solution may be to designate spaces within the large space to hold specific functions. Portable room dividers, screens and rugs can create dining rooms and living rooms that feel private and cozy.

Accent walls

Atlanta-based interior designer Hope Austin calls for an end to accent walls. Austin sees them as a work in progress rather than a completed look. She encourages either painting or wallpapering the entire room in the same color or pattern to give it a cohesive finished look.

Saying goodbye is never easy, but with some interesting décor trends to tempt you, your home can look fresh and up to date. Contact us for more ideas on moving on to embrace the latest décor trends.

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