Creating Social Spaces in Your Home
Posted By Rosette Garcia @ Jun 26th 2023 11:00am In: Just For Fun

Whether it's for holidays, summer parties or casual gatherings, your space should be set up to facilitate social interactions. So how can you create more social spaces in your home without making it feel less relaxing and inviting? Here are some ideas to get started:

Open floor plan

Consider an open floor plan if you're in the market for a house where entertainment is a priority. It's much easier to entertain guests when you can prep the meal alone in the kitchen. This is possible when your home has enough space for guests to gather outside the kitchen to enjoy their conversations.

Game room

Consider creating a game room entertainment space. Adding games that promote social interaction is an excellent idea if you have an unused room or a large space like a basement. Pool, foosball and arcade games are popular game room choices. A tabletop gaming area for playing board games with friends and family is another option.

Converting an unfinished basement

If your home has an unfinished basement, have you considered finishing it to make a recreation area? A basement is a great place to have an entertaining space without disturbing the day-to-day flow of your usual living spaces.

Using outdoor space

Outdoor spaces are perfect for entertaining. Decks and patios can be furnished to accommodate guests by adding seating. And don't forget to use the lawn for games or a firepit.

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