Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger
Posted By Rosette Garcia @ Jun 23rd 2023 10:30am In: Just For Fun

Use a Large Mirror

Mirrors make a small space look larger by reflecting light, which can maximize the natural and artificial light in the room. It’s okay if the mirror seems out of scale in a smaller space.

Make Use of Natural Light

If you can, make use of natural light. Open blinds or install privacy window film to prevent blocking light.

Choose a Streamlined Bathroom Vanity

You also want to make bathroom furniture as scaled down as possible to accommodate the small space. A pedestal sink or slim-fit vanity will help remove the visual clue that the room is too small. Smaller touches help open up the floor space while remaining functional.

Remove Large Décor Pieces

A small bathroom shouldn’t be home to large décor pieces. Anything that sits on the floor or a surface should be removed. Instead, make use of wall space for light and airy décor.

Reduce Dividing Lines

Any visual reminder that space is limited should be changed. For example, if your bathroom has wainscotting, don’t paint it a color different from the upper walls. Use light colors to open the space.

Install a Clear Glass Shower Enclosure

Remove shower curtains and install a clear glass shower enclosure instead. This will maximize natural light and make the room feel less closed off.

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