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We love helping people buy real estate! It is truly one of our favorite things. Most of the people that we help come to us with a property already in mind. Maybe they saw a post on social media, maybe they rode by a ‘for sale’ sign, maybe they overheard a conversation at Target, maybe they casually scroll on Zillow. But anytime we talk to someone who is serious about real estate, we point them to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Collaboration Center and our website.


Number one, accuracy. The most accurate information will be found on the MLS, it is the database that real estate agents list their clients’ properties on. Third party websites pull their information from the MLS. Our website, also pulls its information from the MLS. The MLS is real time. The Coastal Carolina MLS provides clients with an incredible tool called the Collaboration Center.

The Collaboration Center is a tremendous tool. It allows us as your Realtors to create a search for you based on your requested parameters corresponding to fields that real estate agents complete when they enter a listing. Like everything, the information is only as accurate as the person who puts it in. We can search for acreage, areas, bedrooms, pools, HOAs, etc. What we can’t search for is décor types, ceiling finishes, etc. For example, we can’t specifically search for farmhouse chic with an open concept with no popcorn ceilings. But we can use the collaboration center to tweak your search, or multiple searches to fit what you need. For example, we can make sure you only see properties that are actively for sale with the correct number of bedrooms, bathrooms and the right size square footage in a custom-drawn geographic area. And you get notified as things update and change.

Our website is another amazing tool. If you want to browse and ‘shop’ it will be a great help. You can see properties that came on the market today. You can search by neighborhood, by school district, by property type, etc. Our search feature is built to be as close of a model to the MLS as possible. Another benefit to our website, it is accurate. Some national brands (rhymes with Pillow) get paid handsomely to keep eyes on their site. This means that they may sacrifice the most accurate information to provide you the most appealing information.

If we had a nickel for every time a client sent us a Trulia link or a Zestimate, we could have bought every oceanfront property they were looking for. They are tools, just like your kiddo has a Fisher Price toolset. It may look like a hammer and you can hit things with it, but good luck getting a nail into a board.

Our number one goal is to help you make the best decision for you, and the most effective way to do that is to connect you with the tools that will help you accomplish your goals. 

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