Is 2024 The Year You Choose a Realtor?
Posted By Adrianne Anderson @ Nov 30th 2023 11:15am In: Buyer Tips

Everyone knows a Realtor. There are more than 5,000 Realtors in the Coastal Carolinas Association of Realtors. Hopefully, one those is Your Realtor. 

A Realtor should be an important part of your professional network that includes a doctor, attorney, accountant, mechanic, roofer, plumber, financial planner, etc. What’s unique about a Realtor compared to all of the other professionals… if you have a good Realtor, they can connect you with the rest of the professionals. A good Realtor will constantly develop new connections to help their clients. A good Realtor is connected to the community and knows the best restaurants and can recommend things to do. 

Here are a few services we can offer that can help you in the upcoming year:

Understanding your homes worth. Please don’t use a Zestimate. The A in Zillow stands for accuracy. At least once a year, ask us to run comps and send a realistic estimate of what your home could sell for on the market. That information is an incredible piece of your financial picture and we’re happy to help you understand your home’s value.

Specific Market Updates: We’re often asked “How’s the market?” and we try to always ask- “What are you trying to do?”. There’s a big difference between buying and selling and there’s a difference between buying a primary home versus a long term rental versus short term rental versus commercial warehouse versus vacant land. There are so many fluctuations that most market updates via mass media are worthless to most people. Ask us for a specific market update for your situation and identify a few scenarios and how you could be impacted. 

Planning: If you’ve always wanted to buy an investment property but you don’t know how, ask us! We’ll help walk you through the entire process without any pressure. This is our career and we help lots of people accomplish their goals in real estate. There are a lot of different scenarios: selling your parents house, buying a vacant piece of land to build your dream home when you retire in 20 years or finding the best place to plant roots and raise a family. We help people from all walks of life with lots of different circumstances. If you have a complicated situation (and real estate is complicated all by itself), it can be paralyzing to know where to start. First, reach out to us. Then, we can walk you through the process and develop a plan. We may talk you out of whatever you’re trying to do. We may uncover a roadblock that you didn’t know about. Or, we could identify a few things that you could do now to pave the way for the future so you can accomplish your goals. Don’t make plans without an expert providing input. It’s your path. We can be your experienced guide!

If 2024 is the year you choose a Realtor, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to help you make more informed decision and accomplish your real estate goals. 

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