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4 Major Reasons to invest in real estate:

1) Land & Property are always an asset.  Historically real estate has been proven to be the best way to build generational wealth.  Over the last 24 months we have seen some of the largest short term returns in history, far surpassing the markets ability to create payday.  The average market moving from 2023 to 2025 is expected to see a 5-7% return year over year.  That can be some serious cash.  The key is targeting areas that are growing, that are up & coming tourist areas or growth areas supporting cities that have started to reach their capacity in terms of residents and business holdings.  Luke & Adrianne from the Anderson Team are a great resource for these trends and stats for the Grand Strand and surrounding areas.  In fact we are the fastest growing coastal city in the south east.  Talk about opportunity.
2) It is always necessary & in demand.  The need for homes will always exist and the rental market is growing exponentially.
3) Great source of passive income. Overtime you can secure your future income with earnings from properties you own.  Commercial or residential.  If working till you die isn’t on your dream to do list then real estate should definitely be.
4) Multiple ways to create a profit.  You can make a profit by Selling, Flipping, Reselling, Renting Long Term & Short Term, Staging, and Decorating just to name a few. 

Honestly so many avoid the topic of investing because they think it is out of reach, the fact is, it is possible.  With the right plan and team in place you can most certainly find your way there. Reach out to Jenny King with US Mortgage or Luke & Adrianne with The Anderson Team at Beach and Forest Realty for more information!

- Huge thank you to Jenny King with US Mortgage for providing this great information!

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