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It is May 2 and as I scroll through my feed I see pictures from Wisconsin and even Snowshoe, West Virginia, piled high in snow. Meanwhile along the Grand Strand, it is sunny, breezy and 73 degrees.
This strikes a cord with me while working with several sets of clients who are making plans to relocate to our area to escape unfavorable weather, high taxes, or are planning for the reality that as they age, their current living situation is not ideal. We work with so many people who are ready to make the lifelong dream come true of moving to the coast. Prior to joining Luke in real estate I worked in senior healthcare, an industry that is also seeing incredible growth along the Grand Strand. In this area particularly, it is important to understand just how closely real estate and senior care intersect. People retire to the area, maybe downsizing, and can find themselves in a situation where they may need a higher level of care than they previously planned. Or, they prefer to age in place but may need a home more accommodating to their needs.
No matter your situation, or your loved one's situation, it is important to work with people who are compassionate, understanding, and concerned with your individual needs. Luke is a Senior Real Estate Specialist, and I find myself constantly helping clients who need to connect with resources to assist with aging loved ones.
We have a big heart for taking care of others and for treating people like we'd expect our parents and grandparents to be treated. We work with some amazing organizations who have this commitment too. Our goal is to explore all the options that prioritize your needs and your goals. We are blessed to have the knowledge to think outside the box and provide direction and help.
If you are considering relocating to the Grand Strand, let us help you. If you or someone you love is considering their options as their situation changes, let us help you. If you're plowing the driveway as you plan your Cinco de Mayo, let us help you, too.
- Adrianne

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